This is what I will do if Mr. Trump wins!

Wednesday May 11th, 2016


In recent weeks Donald Trump has taken firm command of the Republican race for President.  Although it's still possible for Hillary Clinton to overtake him, it's looking increasingly likely that Trump will be the Republican nominee for President.  This leaves a lot of Americans (and most of the world) in a state of absolute dismay, and presents Republican politicians, strategists, and party activists with a serious dilemma.  So what do they do?
The time for a solution on how Trump can be stopped from taking over the party has almost run out. There are essentially three paths left open, none of which are too attractive. The question is merely which brand of poison does the party want to swallow. Each has its own Pros and Cons.
Let’s surmise Mr. Trump becomes the new president of the USA.
As a Canadian and successful Realtor, I would like to invite my fellow American friends to come and live in Canada.  As a result, I will personally find the right home for each family based on their wish list and in the area of their choice. I will not only offer guaranteed outstanding service, but will also arrange pick up from the airport, a hotel and for each deal that closes, a $5,000 gift card.
Donald Trump's recent victories have forced the GOP to take a fresh look at their options.
Emil Kiriakos

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